PipART 'Stay Wild and Free'  7" x 7" Mylar Stencil

PipART 'Stay Wild and Free' 7" x 7" Mylar Stencil


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PipART 'Braver and Stronger' stencil is a beautifully stylized stencil that will create truly unique projects. Featuring beautiful designs perfect for creating focal point images and ideal for isolating detail, providing you with very versatile stencils. These are flexible, high micron stencils, which are perfect for all levels of crafter. The masks/stencils allow easy creation of complex detailed designs, finishing touches to scrapbooking, card making, home décor and mix media projects. Due to the high quality of the masks/stencils they can be used through your embossing machines to create embossed or debossed designs. They also offer the opportunity to create stamped images for backgrounds using foam sheets.
Add texture to your work and are ideal for all surfaces including wood, paper, fabric, canvas, glass, plastic, furniture and much more.

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