PipART Creations

PipART Creations is the official North American importer and distributor for Pentart and Stamperia products. We are distributors for our in-house creations DaliART, PipART and Becky Seddon designs. We also supply selected retailers in North America.  


Pip Shokar is a self-taught artist who loves to experiment and create.  She is a presenter on Create and Craft TV UK/USA. Her creativity is driven by her emotions and passions as experienced in her everyday life. Pip's mixed media art and paintings do not always reference recognizable form, as the results are often constructed to allow for multiple interpretations. To Pip crafting is a form of entertainment, that has endless possibilities. Pip's goal is to inspire others in their creativity and push the boundaries, as crafting is a journey that is limitless and full of fun!